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When you're a bit more fiscally stable, don't worry, you'll handle the screen situation. Tomorrow or something. By Dan Scotti. If you have a cracked phone screen like I do, you will come to discover that your cracked phone says a lot about how you live your life: You get by, but not without some struggling.

So am I.

How Your Cracked iPhone Screen Is Actually A Metaphor For Your Life

You know that at times, the world can be painful. When Jeremiah told them the Babylonians were on their way to destroy Jerusalem, they responded by throwing him in jail! When the Babylonian army eventually came and destroyed Jerusalem and the Temple, Jeremiah started to speak again. This time Jeremiah said, "I told you so. Now God wants us to submit to the Babylonians. Fortunately, the cistern was cracked and Jeremiah spent a few days mired in the mud before being pulled out by an Ethiopian eunuch.

Allow me to take a dramatic pause and assure you we don't tell all these violent details in Godly Play,but we do tell the story! And in Godly play, we march the people across the desert box; it is a moving and painful moment in the story.

How Your Cracked iPhone Screen Is Actually A Metaphor For Your Life

Now back to the PG script. Guess who went with them as they traveled through the desert? You do not want Jeremiah as a traveling companion on a long road trip through the desert! He doesn't know when to shut-up. As they looked back and saw the destruction, Jeremiah said things like, "God is going to send us back there someday.

He went on to say, "God has not forsaken us. It all seemed ridiculous to the people and by the time they got to Egypt, legend has it, they had heard enough and stoned Jeremiah to death. That's what we do to prophets. We jail them, torture them, and when they keep on talking we kill them. As a nation, we were reminded of that this week. It was 50 years ago this week, a 34 year old pastor just a few months younger than me stood in the shadows of the Lincoln Memorial to confront the sins of our nation.

We treated Martin Luther King Jr. We didn't celebrate Martin Luther King, Jr. We celebrated that speech because it was an inspiration, a vision; it was and still is a dream. Old Testament Scholar, Walter Brueggeman says prophets are dreamers. Jeremiah, Isaiah and Ezekiel are all dreamers. It is as though God has given them a glimpse God's heart. Jeremiah sees a new covenant, a covenant that God will make in our hearts, one that involves forgiving us of our sins. Jeremiah was given a glimpse of God's love in Jesus Christ.

If prophets are dreamers, given glimpses into the heart of God, the final paragraph of the speech Martin Luther King, Jr. Longevity has its place. But I'm not concerned about that now. I just want to do God's will. And He's allowed me to go up to the mountain. And I've looked over. And I've seen the Promised Land. Cyclic strain-controlled testing is recommended because the material at the stress concentration area in a component may be subjected to cyclic plastic deformation even when the bulk of the component behaves elastically during cyclic loading.

The experimental test programs and data reduction technique for cyclic and fatigue material properties can be found elsewhere Lee et al. Fatigue test specimen a configurations and b dimensions provided by Dr.

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This chapter presents the local strain—life method in a uniaxial state of stress in the following sequences: estimates of cyclic stress—strain and fatigue properties, mean stress correction models, and notch stress and strain analysis. In the past decades, small fatigue cracks have been extensively studied for the reason that most of the total fatigue life could be spent in the initiation and small crack growth stages.

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Various investigations [ ] have showed that cracks imitated at the very beginning of fatigue life and the propagation of microstructurally small crack could be greatly influenced by the inherent microstructure, resulting in the abnormal propagating behaviour when compared to the long crack behaviour.

Therefore, the precise measurement of small crack growth rate as well as the good understanding of small crack growth mechanism was very important in the reliable prediction of the fatigue life of materials. Fatigue fracture is one of the main causes of failure for these components due to the dynamic or alternating stresses they are often subjected to. Despite the fact that there have been numerous investigations of long fatigue crack growth in austenitic stainless steel [ 5 - 6 ], relatively few studies, however, have focused on small fatigue crack growth mechanisms.

Suh et al. They obtained quantitative information such as the initiation, growth and coalescence behavior of small cracks in stainless steel via surface replicas and photomicrographs. The results showed that the accurate determination of these parameters was critical for the application of fracture mechanics to fatigue life assessment. However, experimental photos or data showing a complete small crack propagation process have not yet been available in their researches.

The reason was that small crack testing was more difficult to perform than long crack testing. The aim of this paper was to clarify the initiation and small crack growth mechanisms of austenitic stainless steel at room temperature.

gargumilbi.tk The two-part silicon based replica method, which was recently employed for measuring surface small crack growth with good success [ 10 , 11 ], was used in this research. Wanhill, G.

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Bray, in Aluminum-lithium Alloys , Figure Note: m is the exponent in the Paris equation Paris and Erdogan, ; Paris et al. Table Comparison between fatigue test results and the predicted results by the proposed small crack growth models. The fatigue lives estimated by Eq.

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This is because Eq. In practical design, the crack growth process from internal inclusions cannot be derived explicitly. Therefore, we need to evaluate the scatter of life in combination with Eq. The nature of small crack growth and threshold behaviour is crucially important for the case of variable amplitude loading. This is because the contribution of stress and number of cycles to fatigue damage always varies with crack growth, namely with crack size.

In the practical case, a typical service loading is a combination of a small number of cycles of over loading stress higher than fatigue limit and a large number of cycles of low loading stress below fatigue limit. The continuously variable fatigue limit means that the fatigue limit under service loading gradually decreases and the large number of cycles of low loading gradually becomes effective in causing crack growth.

This is the reason why we experience the elimination of fatigue limit in variable amplitude service loadings. LI, in Delamination Behaviour of Composites , Nonlinear analyses were conducted with the initial crack tip at station points A, B, and C respectively Table This time the analysis was continued till significant crack growth occurred. For small crack growths, these tend to follow the crack initiation line, but soon turn upward indicating a retardation of crack growth. This indeed is true, but as we have seen in the example of the DCB specimen the phenomenon is caused by a subtle deformation of the cohesive layer of finite thickness in the neighborhood of the crack tip.

The increasingly greater resistance to crack growth seen in the continuous program of loading is attributable, once again, to the locking mechanism of the UMAT model which retards and shuts off the crack growth.

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  • Such increased resistance to crack growth under continuous loading is not observed when the UEL model which has zero initial thickness is employed, as already seen in the case of the DCB specimen. So-called classical studies on biaxial combined stress fatigue ranging from tension—compression to pure torsion under constant amplitude are well known.

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