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1 Introduction

Pedophilia is all over the place. But nowhere was it allowed to fester more flagrantly than in the Catholic Church. And I'm not sure how he can equate violence and pornography in the media with the countless priests who lured innocent altar boys into their studies, as their bishops either ignored their crimes or simply transferred the predators to another parish. The subsequent cover-up had little to do with a cultural breakdown, and everything to do with a dysfunctional church hierarchy.

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Still, the pope is doing the right thing by speaking with the victims, who seemed moved and encouraged by the meeting. And the session was also a good sign for other survivors of clergy abuse, who have literally prayed for solace from their pope. Years before The Boston Globe ran a series of exposs that broke the church abuse scandal wide open, Ed Gagne of Spencer was telling his story to the local media and the civil courts, and his lawsuit offered evidence that leaders of the Worcester Diocese were aware that a significant number of their priests were molesting children, yet did nothing to stop it.

In , Mr.

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Gagne reached an out-of-court settlement with the diocese over the suit, which maintained he was sexually abused as an altar boy, and again by the priest he turned to for guidance. When we published his story in the mids, we were called vile and disgusting by local Catholics.

Presidential candidate calls for moral awakening in US

Lots of readers threatened to cancel their subscriptions. Gagne was harassed and shunned. Last week, he said he was heartened by the pope's attention to the scandal.

Gagne, who at one time wanted to be a priest. How could he come to the United States and ignore this important issue? For starters, he could remove the bishops who ignored or covered up the abuse. I was lucky.


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They were pretty good to me. Harvey speaks very highly of her first editors, and credits them with teaching her to write.

Crockett, in particular, she says, was a critically important mentor, who taught her more than any writing class she ever took. He was very respectful of [my] writing. Not everything is timeless. If it still mattered to me when I read it, I thought it might matter to someone else.

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The topic every long-term resident becomes an expert in: Worcester itself. You just love them in spite of yourself. I got, I think, the record amount of hate mail on that. I did end up writing a follow-up piece on it, sort of saying that I had made a mistake in not talking to people about tattoos and what the story was. It was a tongue-in-cheek thing. In addition, like a great digitally remastered CD release by your favorite musical artist, Harvey has added copious liner notes.