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Uilenspiegel, Owlglass.

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Berliner Ausgaben. Sektion Philologische Wissenschaften. Hans-Gert Roloff. Published by Stuttgart: Frommann-Holzboog About this Item: Stuttgart: Frommann-Holzboog Published by Frommann-Holzboog About this Item: Frommann-Holzboog, Gebundene Ausgabe. Condition: Gebraucht. Seller Inventory INF Published by Frommann-Holzboog Verlag e. About this Item: Frommann-Holzboog Verlag e. The introductory parts of this commentary contain information on the history of the origins and the performances, on questions of metrics and on history of the material and the subjects which were the sources for the works.

This is followed by line by line commentaries with explanations pertaining to the language, subject matter and persons and with verification of the other texts which Frischlin adapted in both comedies. This last point refers to the quotes taken from academic texts from all the faculties which were incorporated into the dialogues in the satire Priscianus vapulans , which from the viewpoint of late humanism were exposed to ridicule due to their barbaric linguistic form.

In Iulius redivivus , Frischlin puts mainly quotes from their own works in the mouths of Caesar as well as Cicero, both of whom had come from the underworld to visit the Germania of the 16th century.

These are accounted for individually with reference to the specifical historical contexts from which they originated. Printed Pages: p.

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Seller Inventory FHV Priscianus und Iulius are Frischlin s two most well-known dramas. This is the first publication in a modern German translation. The appendixes contain the dedications, the prefaces and the afterwords from all of the editions published during Frischlin s lifetime, also with a German translation. In his work "Priscianus" first published in Strasbourg in Frischlin went back to the early years of humanism. In the course of the play Priscianus, the old Latin grammarian,the embodiment of classical Latinity, meets members of all four faculties who almost torture him to death with their technical jargon.

In the end, Erasmus and Melanchthon appear as representatives of humanism and cure the mistreated old man of his sufferings by using drastic measures. Praise of the standard which had been reached in imitating ancient Latinity is also a main subject in Iulius first published in Strasbourg in Caesar and Cicero, risen from the underworld, admire the splendor of the large German cities, the art of war made possible by the German invention of gunpowder and the high level of literary education as well as the art of printing, also invented in Germany and useful as a magnificent medium for propagating these.

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Wolff, Julius 1834-1910

Gesammelte Gedichte. Richard von Schaukal. Anni Kraus. Chaos und Anfang. Christoph W.

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Joseph Zoderer. Amors Verfehlungen: Gedichte. Gerrit Pohl. Schein und Sein Gedichtsammlung. Wilhelm Busch. Weggelebte Zeit. Hans Augustin. Klaudia Leonhardt.

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Gesammelte Gedichte in einem Band. Johannes Schlaf. Das Stundenbuch. Julius Wolff.

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Sepp Mall. Karl Wilhelm Ramler. Rudolf Baumbach. Willibald Alexis. Are you sure you would like to remove these items from your wishlist? Remove From Wishlist Cancel. How Till Eulenspiegel was born, how he was baptized three times in one day, and who his godparents were. How all the farmers and their wives complained about young Eulenspiegel, saying he was a rogue and scoundrel; and how he rode behind his father on a horse, quietly letting the people behind him see his arse. How Claus Eulenspiegel moved away from Kneitlingen to the Saale, the river, where his mother was born, where he died; and how his son Till learned to walk the tightrope.

How Eulenspiegel relieved the boys of pairs of shoes, over which they fought, making young and old tear their hair over them. How Eulenspiegel's mother tried to convince him to learn a trade--with which she meant to help him. How Eulenspiegel cheated a baker out of a sack of bread at Stassfurt, in the city, and brought it home to his mother. How Eulenspiegel ate the breakfast bread, or rolls, with other boys, and how he was made to overeat, and was beaten into doing so.

How Eulenspiegel crawled into a beehive; how two men came by night, intending to steal it; and how he made them tear each other's hair and let the beehive drop. How Eulenspiegel became a page-boy; and how his squire taught him that whenever he found the plant hemp, he should shit on it; so he shitted on mustard, thinking hemp and mustard were the same thing. How Eulenspiegel became the sexton in the village of Buddenstedt; and how the priest shitted in his church and Eulenspiegel won a barrel of beer.

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How Eulenspiegel played a trick during Easter matins that led the priest and his maid to tear the hair of their farmers and go to war with them. How Eulenspiegel announced that he planned to fly off the roof at Magdeburg, and dismissed his audience with scathing language. How Eulenspiegel pretended to be a doctor, and doctored the doctor of the Bishop of Magdeburg, who was deceived by him.

How Eulenspiegel apprenticed himself as a baker's boy to a baker--and how he baked owls and long-tailed monkeys. How Eulenspiegel hired himself out as a tower bugler to the Count of Anhalt; and how, when enemies showed up, he failed to sound his horn; and how, when there were no enemies, he sounded it. How Eulenspiegel was banished from the Duchy of Luneburg, and how he cut open his horse and stood in it. How Eulenspiegel bought some land from a farmer in the province of Luneburg, and sat in it, in a tumbrel.

How Eulenspiegel painted for the Landgrave of Hesse, doing it in white, so whoever was illegitimate could not see it. How Eulenspiegel debated with the students at the University of Prague, in Bohemia, and emerged victorious. How Eulenspiegel wandered around with a death's-head, amazing people with it, and made quite a profit from doing so. How Eulenspiegel led the city patrol of Nuremberg into following him over a narrow bridge and falling into the water. How Eulenspiegel cheated the Jews at Frankfurt-on-the-Main out of a thousand guilders, by selling them his excrement as prophet's berries.

How Eulenspiegel bought chickens at Quedlinburg, and left the farmer's wife one of her own chickens as a pledge for the money.