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Ban,in collaboration with D. Bobon, J. Hoenig, R. Jamieson, Y. Lapierre, A. Leeds, H. Lehmann, J. Libiger and J. Saarma, and consultation with J. Angst, P. Berner, P. Grof, M. Hamilton, H. Helmchen, M. Hollender, E. Koranyi and N.

Sartorius, and published in Guy and Ban To render studies conducted with the AMDP accessible for data processing and analyses by BLIPS, William Guy prepared a series of input matrices for the five forms of the system with the employment of universal op-scan data sheets Guy and Ban Cole as its director. The Center was mandated to facilitate the clinical development and adoption into clinical practice of the rapidly growing number of new drugs with psychotropic potential.

In , the Laboratory offered to analyze any clinical study not just studies done within the network in which the ECDEU assessment battery was employed.

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A revised, enlarged manual, with the inclusion of 43 scales was published in by Guy Guy Notably, the revised Manual serves as a guide for selecting the appropriate data collection forms for the three successive phases of clinical investigations: thePlanning Phase, the Data Collection Phase and the Analytic Phase. Obligatory forms to be used in all clinical investigations:. Scales recommended to beused in the assessment of change:.

Having fulfilled its purpose by developing a data processing system for clinical investigations with psychotropic drugs, in the late s the Biometric Laboratory at George Washington University was closed. During the s testimonials about clinical effects were replaced by findings in properly designed clinical experiments and by the early s the double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial with random assignment of patients to parallel treatment groups RCT had become standard for efficacy studies with psychotropic drugs.

As multi-center clinical investigations were replacing single center clinical trials, in the s power statistics entered the design in order to prevent a type-II beta error -- the overlooking of a statistically significant difference between placebo and aninvestigational drug because of insufficient sample size Ban and Wilson The clinical end-points of efficacy studies are psychiatric diagnoses.

There were conflicts between diagnoses in the consensus-based classifications and the classification of psychotropic drugs. In order to facilitate the development of a classification of psychiatric disorders which corresponds more closely than consensus-based diagnoses with the therapeutic profile of psychotropic drugs, the first multi-axial classifications were proposed by Wing and his associates in the UK; Ottoson and Perris in Sweden; Helmchen in Germany; and Strauss in the United States Helmchen, ; Ottoson and Perris ; Strauss ; Wing, Bramley, Hailey and Perris DSM-III was the first consensus-based classification with a multi-axial evaluation and operationalized diagnostic criteria.

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Louis, Missouri,and on the measurement of concordance in diagnosis reliability among clinicians by kappa statistics developed in the Biometric Research Department of the New York State Psychiatric Institute Fleiss, Spitzer and Endicott; Robins and Guze Thus, they contain categorical judgments regarding the disease, recorded on Axis I clinical psychiatric syndromes and Axis III non-psychiatric medical illness and dimensional ratings regarding the patient, recorded on Axis IV severity of psychosocial stressor and Axis V level of adaptive functioning Mezzich The operationalized criteria for diagnostic decisions provided reliable clinical end-points for single-center and multi-center clinical investigations with psychotropic drugs Ban Berlin: Springer; Gottingen: Hogrefe; American Psychiatric Association.

Washington: American Psychiatric Association; Diagnostic and Statistical Manual of Psychiatric Disorders. Third Edition. Fourth Edition. Clinical documentation of psychopharmacology. Association for Methodology and Documentation in Psychiatry. Amsterdam: Excerpta Medica; a, p. ArzneimForsch b; In German. Ban TA. London: Pergamon Press; Neuropsychopharmacology and the history of pharmacotherapy in psychiatry.

A review of developments in the 20 th century. Reflections on Twentieth Century Psychopharmacology. Budapest: Animula; a; The role of serendipity in drug discovery. Dialogue in Clinical neuroscience b; 8: Fifty years chlorpromazine. A historical perspective. Neuropsychiatric Disease and Treatment ; 3: Progress in Differentiated Psychopathology. Current Therapeutic Research ; Multicenter clinical trials: methodological aspects.

Probl Pharmacopsychiatry ; Arzneim Forsch ; 20 : In German. Bobon D. Basel: Karger; Bobon D, Saarma J. Quantification of agreement in multiple psychiatric diagnosis.

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Arch Gen Psychiatry. Freyhan F. Selection of patients from the clinical point of view. Evaluation of Pharmacotherapy in Mental Illness. Washington: National Academy of Sciences; Garrison FH.

Els Pletscher. Plastiken.

A History of Medicine. Philadelphia: Forth edition. Philadelphia: Saunders; Saunders; Guy W. Guy W, Ban TA. Guy W, Bonato R. Helmchen H. Schizophrenia: Diagnostic concepts in the ICD Br J Psychiatry ; Multiaxial systems of classification. Types of axes. Acta psychiat Scand ; Hollender M, Ban TA. Psychiatric J Univ of Ottawa ; 6: McGlashan T.