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The Twins - November DT for Tsunami Rose Designs

This afternoon, while on stage, there was a bit of commotion near Amma. The photographer and videographer were nudging for a clear view of two young children who were coming up for darshan. As I was near the chair, I managed to get a close look at the scene.

The boy and girl were adorable, smiling and posing for the camera with Amma. Their parents were beaming with joy.

Instantly, I realized what I was watching. A major earthquake and tsunami hit the island of Sulawesi on Friday evening, devastating the regional capital Palu and surrounding areas. Thousands of homes and buildings have been destroyed, including an entire housing estate home to people.

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Officials have warned that the final death toll could rise into the thousands, with some of the worst hit areas still yet to be accessed by rescuers. Liji had the surgery and Amritakripa and Eknath were born on Oct.

Sulawesi earthquake and tsunami survivors reflect on twin disasters in Palu six months on

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